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Vasilisc vasilisc777 at
Thu Mar 2 05:02:53 UTC 2017

02.03.2017 03:31, Leo Arias пишет:
> So, you want to know from the application itself if it's being run
> from inside a snap, or not?

The program (in snap) needs to find a videoplayers in system.
For example,
vlc come from snap package (location /snap/vlc/current/...),
smplayer - from deb package (location /usr/bin/smplayer).

How to find available a video players in host system?

> I don't know if we have something for that, but it certainly seems to be useful.
> You could check if some of the environment variables are set, but
> well, of course that can be cheated by exporting the var before
> running the application.
> ubuntu at juju-07fb34-remote-devel-0:~$ echo $SNAP
> ubuntu at juju-07fb34-remote-devel-0:~$ snap run --shell ipfs
> ubuntu at juju-07fb34-remote-devel-0:/home/ubuntu$ echo $SNAP
> /snap/ipfs/x1

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