weird behaviour related with fonts in a snap

Roberto Mier Escandón  roberto.escandon at
Wed Mar 1 10:37:58 UTC 2017

Hey guys,

I'm hitting a weird problem related with fonts in collabora office
online snap. This product is a kind of libre office google drive, for
you to take a reference how it works as user.
If I confine the snap in classic mode all works perfectly. However, if I
deploy it in devmode, some parts of the document dissapear depending on
the font they are using. Also, If I change the font, the selected font
disapears in most of cases (depends on the font to change to). Same if I
try to set it as bold. However underline or italic works ok.

I've set FONTCONFIG_FILE and FONTCONFIG_PATH to fonts.conf and conf.d
respectively and fonts are taken from a path accesible by the snap
configured in fonts.conf. Also cachedir is set to a snap internal path.
Actually, if fonts where not found, one of the daemons wouldn't start
and it does.
In source code I don't see any reference to any path related with fonts,
however something else outside of the snap is needed and I cannot find
what. Anybody has hit any issue with fonts in a snap or something
similar to this?


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