A UX question about requiring users to pass in --classic

Adam Stokes adam.stokes at canonical.com
Fri Jan 27 17:40:13 UTC 2017

Since releasing the conjure-up snap I have gotten a few questions as to why
we have to pass in --classic when the snapcraft.yaml defines the
confinement mode already.

I understand that this is similar to if a user was to snap install a snap
that was strictly devmode. We do want make the user aware of what they are
installing and any possible caveats that go along with that. Forcing the
use of --classic and --devmode make sense in the overall picture, however,
cosmetically and user happiness (i guess?) this just seems like a _lot_ of

So I'm not arguing the use of --classic or --devmode but what if we take
another approach and treat both --classic and --devmode as a 'force/yes' in
the apt world and provide a simple Y/n prompt asking the user if they are
sure they wish to install said snap because of it's current confinement

I much rather advertise running:

$ snap install conjure-up

And the experience be:

Fetching info..checking confinement mode..
This is a classic snap, are you sure you wish to continue? [Y/n]
conjure-up installed

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