Yet more issues snapping

gareth.france at gareth.france at
Wed Jan 25 08:43:25 UTC 2017

On 2017-01-23 21:44, Leo Arias wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 2:53 AM,  <gareth.france at> 
> wrote:
> It is ok now thank you. I have had some excellent help and can use what 
> I
> now have to aid me going forward. It is those first few steps that seem
> impossible.
> Hey Gareth, I'm happy to see you got it working.
> It would be really useful if you could help us improving the
> documentation from the things you learned these past weeks. Maybe some
> of the text should be clearer, or a few things are missing an
> explanation. We happily accept pull requests for the docs in
>, and another
> useful resource is to answer your own questions in once
> you know the answer.
> pura vida.
> --
> ¡paz y baile!

Thanks for suggesting this, however the problem is that I really don't 
understand anything still. I should explain I'm dyspraxic and so I have 
my own methods for learning which work for me and I often find the way 
this stuff is presented is just a struggle for me. Some very helpful 
people have helped me package 2 python scripts, one terminal based and 
one gtk so on a basic level I can now do that. However I am able to 
include packages in the gtk version but not in the terminal version due 
to the way the snapcraft.yaml is layed out. I need to add one but don't 
know enough yet to modify the file and nobody has yet stepped forward to 
provide the answer.

I work far better through the doing rather than tons of reading and 
given a little more help will start to have an understanding of the 
methods but I'm not quite there yet. So although I'd love to identify 
some ways to improve the documentation I really can't until I know the 
answers myself.


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