Snapping webapps

Alberto Mardegan alberto.mardegan at
Fri Jan 20 08:14:29 UTC 2017

On 19/01/2017 18:20, Fabio Colella wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to snap a simple webapp for HexGL.
> Here's the code:
> Unfortunately it's failing to start due to the following error:
> Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication protocols
> specified are supported
> QGtkStyle could not resolve GTK. Make sure you have installed the proper
> libraries.
> "file:///build/webbrowser-app-4Hx99o/webbrowser-app-0.23+16.04.20160413/src/app/webcontainer/webapp-container.qml:-1
> File not found\n"

Hi Fabio!
  As Pat already wrote, you should build it using xenial +
stable-phone-overlay PPA. The reason for this is that the
webapp-container in xenial is too old and doesn't support being run
inside a snap.

Also, in general, when using the ubuntu-app-platform snap (the
webapp-helper part is using it) one should build the snap in
xenial+overlay in order to make sure that he's using the same library
versions as those provided by the ubuntu-app-platform snap.


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