Signing snaps with your own keys on your own local store.

nitin mahendru nitin.mahendru88 at
Thu Jan 19 15:48:17 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the world of snaps and am pretty excited to learn more about

I am trying to run ubuntu core on a Raspberry pi and I want to securely
update snaps which run on it.

What I want to do is:

1. Build my own snap
2. upload it to my own instance of a snap store where while uploading it
can be signed using a keypair that I provide.
3. Run snap install on my raspberry Pi to install the snap I uploaded into
my store. This should involve signature verification with my own public key.

I can't seem to find the source code for a snap store. I found this

Then I also found this implementation
but that doesn't seem to serve my purpose.

Do you guys know of a propper implementation for the snapstore ? I am
trying to get past point 2 above.

Thanks in advance.

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