[System Enablement] New releases: wifi-ap=10 pulseaudio=8.0-3

Simon Fels simon.fels at canonical.com
Thu Jan 12 13:09:24 UTC 2017

As both platform and commercial QA have approved the new snaps I would like
to go ahead with both snaps earlier than waiting for next Wednesday and
publishing them to stable.

Any objections from anyone?


On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 2:51 PM, Simon Fels <simon.fels at canonical.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> A new release of the wifi-ap and pulseaudio snaps were pushed into the
> candidate channel. This release includes several improvements for both
> snaps.
> wifi-ap:
> * Switched to a unix domain socket instead of a local TCP endpoint to
> provide secure access to the management service REST API endpoint via a
> content interface based slot.
> * The management service now controls the access point process directly
> instead of both being two independent systemd service units. This makes
> coordination and application of configuration changes a lot easier.
> * New wifi-ap.status command is now available which shows the current
> status of the AP.
> * Improve configuration wizard which now has an auto mode as well which is
> executed directly after the installation of the snap to provide an
> out-of-the-box experience and directly spawn up an access point users can
> connect to. Wizard can be manually invoked too and guides the user through
> the configuration of the access point.
> * Added extensive testing of the whole snap via spread
> pulseaudio:
> This is the first release of the snap. We currently only support running
> pulseaudio in system mode and with that only support Ubuntu Core devices.
> Installing on classic desktop devices is possible but not yet supported.
> Please note that we require a kernel with ALSA support enabled which is
> not yet the case for all reference devices like the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.
> ---
> An overview of which revisions / versions of the particular snaps are
> available in which channel is available at https://docs.google.com/spr
> eadsheets/d/1q2dmjPQ0Bam3p3frmmrX2WI3d1r8iusE0JTc0wm2jKM/edit#gid=0
> The snaps have passed our engineering QA and will now be tested by the
> platform and commercial QA teams before the new versions are pushed to the
> stable channel.
> Bileto requests are:
> - wifi-ap: https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/2333
> - pulseaudio: https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/2327
> If you have any questions feel free to ping me.
> regards,
> Simon
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