Configuring snapd on ubuntu core for a web proxy

Stuart Bishop stuart.bishop at
Thu Jan 12 04:49:39 UTC 2017

On 12 January 2017 at 01:44, Max Brustkern <max.brustkern at>

> I'm trying to run ubuntu core 16 in a kvm instance in an internal lab that
> requires a web proxy. This bug:
> seems to cover how to do this on classic ubuntu, but the files that hold
> the environment variables used by snapd on an ubuntu core system are all on
> read-only filesystems. How do I set HTTPS_PROXY in a persistent way for
> snapd on that system?
> is similar, but about adding
support for proxies to snapd (rather than have it use the system
environment variables, which is one implementation option but not always
what you want since that affects everything on the system). But that
doesn't help with your read-only filesystem sorry :-(

(Hmm... disgusting hack idea.... since you can't create /etc/systemd/system/
snapd.service.d/ on your read-only filesystem, try mounting that directory
from somewhere. Extra points for using systemd to mount the systemd service
file overrides and setting up dependencies so it does everything in the
right order :-) )

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