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> 08.01.2017, o godz. 20:26:
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> > Last Snappy meeting we discussed several subjects and I would like to
> > know what's the status, hence this e-mail.
> > - Usage of snappy in random Linux systems: Red Hat et al (Fedora,
> > CentOS), random GNU/Linux kernels (e.g. ArchLinux and Android).
> I put together a wiki page describing this [1]
> [1]


> - Some discussed AppStream semantics introduction for integration in
> > Software Centers.
> I’m not sure about this. Can you expand on what you are asking about?

That's about supporting an appstream file in the Store as we discussed back
in the sprint. I believe not much has happened yet. Still on the queue,

Same case with the alternative base snaps. We worked on quite a few major
features in the last couple of months on the way to 2.20, and ended up
pushing some of the previously discussed features forward.

We need to revive these ideas, and probably rediscuss them a bit to make
sure everybody is still in sync.

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