Kernel plugin: Avoid redownloading os.snap on a local Git repo

Dalton me at
Sun Jan 8 19:20:07 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to get Snapcraft to pull the git source of a kernel at 
every build without cleaning the entire build directory?

Currently, if I make a change to my kernel source (I'm using a source 
in '.' in my case) then commit it, Snapcraft simply ignores the changes 
since it has pulled the source previously, printing 'Skipping pull 
kernel (already ran)'. I have to run 'snapcraft clean' in order to get 
it to pull the (local) source again. Snapcraft then goes on and 
redownloads 'os.snap', a 60MB file, again. On a fast connection, this 
is no problem. I'm on a slightly slower connection that also has a data 
cap, so this is a waste of both time and bits.

It seems like there are two ways to avoid this: A way to cache os.snap 
locally, or a way to have Snapcraft run 'git pull' to grab source 
changes into its working directory. Is either possible right now?

If it helps, my current snapcraft.yaml can be found here:

(Yes, I understand that a 3.4 kernel probably won't run Snaps very 
well, if at all)

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