Correct usage of snapcraft.yaml

gareth.france at gareth.france at
Thu Jan 5 13:54:43 UTC 2017

On 2017-01-05 13:48, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> On 05/01/17 15:39, gareth.france at wrote:
> Once again please do forgive my lack of knowledge. Having managed to
> successfully release a snap I am now wondering what the correct thing
> to do is regarding github. My code is there for anyone to obtain, so
> should the snapcraft.yaml be included or is that something one would
> normally keep to themselves?
> Would encourage you to have the snapcraft.yaml in the git tree; it 
> makes
> it easier for people to contribute to that. Also, if the code is
> evolving, would encourage you to setup Travis or other CI integration 
> so
> that you get an automatic edge release for (edgy) users :)
> Mark

I'm afraid I know nothing of Travis or CI integration. I learned to code 
in basic and a bed experience with Visual Basic many years ago put me 
off looking at modern languages for a long time. The discovery of Python 
and Pearl taught me that my knowledge is still relevant and I can still 
do this but I have a lot of catching up to do. Some of my methods are 
perhaps outdated and there are times when I really do struggle to get 
some of it, I don't have anyone experienced I can tap into in person so 
sometimes it is difficult finding a thread to pull on to get me started.

I've wanted to contribute to Ubuntu for years but this has held me back. 
I now have two published programs, one on the phone/tablet and one on 
desktop. The first look into a whole new world for me!

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