Issues generating snap

gareth.france at gareth.france at
Wed Jan 4 13:57:05 UTC 2017

> You're welcome, it takes a big community to make Ubuntu happen. I hope
> that you find snaps have just as big an impact :) It would be wonderful
> if we can really improve the flow of bits from upstreams to users, or
> even just make it easier for people to manage private apps that they 
> are
> pushing around on their networks.
> Mark

Actually I developed a niche application for use on desktop, a product 
only really available on Windows. I packaged it over and over for deb 
but it seems impossible to do. I then paid for someone to package it and 
a year on I'm still waiting for the approval process in the developer 
portal to finish, but there doesn't seem to be anyone to approach about 

So I have been trying to package in deb format for at least 2 years. I 
built a snap in a night. Ok it didn't work but you have now told me why. 
I get the feeling I'm going to get along with your vision just fine. 
Expect to see a desktop remote control for roku and now TV boxes and PAT 
testing software appearing in the software store soon.

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