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Hi Gareth,

Please see my comments below. I am sorry that some places might not be so
clear to you. You can use google-translate to translate it.

Best regards,

On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 1:33 PM, Gareth France <gareth.france at
> wrote:

> On 04/01/17 04:13, XiaoGuo Liu wrote:
> Hi Gareth,
> Based on sergio's scripts at , I have
> created a tutorial for it. Hopefully, it is useful to you. You may find it
> at:
> Best regards,
> XiaoGuo
> That is wonderful, thank you. However I have encountered several issues.
> First your tutorial is in Chinese, second it is not clear how you are
> naming your container (the command to create it simply refers to it as
> yakkety but the responses to that command state creating and starting
> flying-snake).

The name "flying-snake" is automatically chosen during the process. For
your case, it could be a different name. You have to replace it with your
own container name.

> When adding a user mine simply returns to the command prompt it does not
> add user,

You probably need to use your own container name instead of the one
"flying-snake" in my blog. You may try it again.

> group, home directory, request a password etc. Adding admin privilages
> same issue. Then you tell me to add something at the end of 'the file' but
> you have not said which file or how I should be accessing it.

$ lxc exec flying-snake -- visudo  -- it will invoke an editor for editing
some stuff there.


> I decided to stop here as I doubt very much this is working at my end.
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