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Tue Jan 3 12:00:53 UTC 2017

Hi Luther,

Some of the package names are reserved like "google". For normal snaps, you
need to use:
$ snapcraft register snap-name

to make sure your name is successfully registered.

For more info, please refer to:

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On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 5:42 PM, Luther Goh Lu Feng <elfgoh at> wrote:

> I am sure that there is precedence and guidelines in place, but I couldn't
> to find the search result.
> Say someone in the community builds a snap for nginx, and later doesnt
> keep the snap up to date. Then another person builds a more updated nginx
> snap. How are the package names chosen so that there would be collisions,
> and people know that they are installing the latest working version?
> Is there some sort of handing and taking over for the package name from
> maintainer to maintainer? How is it done with Ubuntu deb packages at the
> moment? Thanks
> -- Luther
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