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James Page at
Tue Jan 3 11:37:38 UTC 2017

Hi Michael

On Fri, 16 Dec 2016 at 09:09 Michael Vogt <michael.vogt at>

> My personal hightlight of this release is the "alias" support. As you
> are probably aware, snaps usually provide secondary commands as
> "$snap.$app", e.g. mongo32.dump.  While this is great and it means you
> can have monogo26 and mongo32 installed at the same time without
> command conflicts, the downside is that scripts that assume the top
> level mongodump command will not work. Aliases solve this problem by
> allowing a snap developer to setup well-defined aliases like
> mongo32.dump to mongodump, and users to control which aliases to
> enable. In the near future, we'll also introduce default aliases which
> are automatically setup unless the user explicitly disables them.

Great release and a great feature - already trying this out with some of
the OpenStack snaps as it will make switching existing deployment tooling
to snaps much easier.

One question - are there any plans to apply the same aliases approach to
the name of systemd units provided by a snap?  This would avoid a whole lot
of rewriting of things like:

   glance-api -> snap.glance.api

in some of the uses cases I've been looking at.


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