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Sun Jan 1 21:14:25 UTC 2017

El 01/01/17 a las 18:09, Gareth France escribió:
> Firstly as a new member of the group I'd like to say hi and sorry if 
> this is not the correct place for this sort of question, if not please 
> do point me in the right direction.


> I've installed snapcraft and I'm just running through the tour which 
> in step on confidently claims my system will ' interpret this file, 
> fetch and install everything that is needed, build it, and give you a 
> snap'
> Unfortunately mine simply generates an error and quits:
> /tmp/tmpk3k1eoco: 3: export: 
> Files/Programming/Python/RokuTerm/snapcraft-tour/00-SNAPCRAFT/01-easy-start/stage/usr/share/perl5/: 
> bad variable name
> Command '['/bin/sh', '/tmp/tmpk3k1eoco', './configure', '--prefix=']' 
> returned non-zero exit status 2
> Does anybody have any suggestion as to what is going wrong here?

More information to help out would be appreciated, such as version, what 
you are trying to build (is it really the 01 dir from the tour), what 
release you are on, other information you can think of.

Is this the full length of the output? It seems something in your build 
is calling perl and bailing for some reason.
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