Exposing commands

Stuart Bishop stuart.bishop at canonical.com
Sun Apr 9 04:49:59 UTC 2017

On 7 April 2017 at 08:15, Bruno Rogerio Fernandes
<brogeriofernandes at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are one problem here:
> I cannot expose some binaries like demux.pl or do_dssp as they both have
> invalid characters on name, namely "." and "_" respectively.
> What should I do in that case? I have to expose all that commands, and I
> would like to have the possibility to call them in that way:
> gromacs455.do_dssp (for example)
> Am I missing something?
> Thanks for your attention


You are not missing something. "_" is currently unsupported, per
https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1616507 .
The issue pre-dates the command aliases feature, so the rationales
forbidding them have probably changed.

Stuart Bishop <stuart.bishop at canonical.com>

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