Exposing commands

Bruno Rogerio Fernandes brogeriofernandes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:15:29 UTC 2017

Hello everybody

I'm not sure, but I think I'm doing it wrong. I would like to create snaps
from scientific softwares. Initially I'm trying to build a gromacs snap.
But gromacs has many binaries that I need to expose. I asked on IRC and I
understood that I need to expose commands one by one. For now, I have
something like that:

--- snap/snapcraft.yaml:
> name: gromacs
> version: '4.5.5'
> description: [...]
> parts:
>     gromacs:
>         plugin: autotools
>         source: ftp://ftp.gromacs.org/pub/gromacs/gromacs-4.5.5.tar.gz
>         build-packages: [libfftw3-dev]
> apps:
>     demux.pl:
>         command: bin/demux.pl
>     do_dssp:
>         command: bin/do_dssp
>     editconf:
>         command: bin/editconf
>     eneconv:
>         command: bin/eneconv
>  [ . . . ]
>     trjorder:
>         command: bin/trjorder
>     xplor2gmx.pl:
>         command: bin/xplor2gmx.pl
>     xpm2ps:
>         command: bin/xpm2ps

There are one problem here:
I cannot expose some binaries like demux.pl or do_dssp as they both have
invalid characters on name, namely "." and "_" respectively.
What should I do in that case? I have to expose all that commands, and I
would like to have the possibility to call them in that way:
gromacs455.do_dssp (for example)
Am I missing something?

Thanks for your attention

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