Snap issue with python daemon

MikeB mabnhdev at
Thu Apr 6 16:26:39 UTC 2017

I'm using the python-package to daemonize a python command.

In my snapcraft, I list my command as a forking daemon.

When I run the command directly from command line, it does exactly
what I expect, it damonizes and runs forever while the parent exits.

When I try to install the snap, the installation hangs starting the
snap until it finally times out.

I see my command running during the start up - I see it logging to
syslog as expected. Interestingly, it leaves the command running after
the timeout.  I have to manually kill it.

A simple example of the snapcraft.yaml and the test-daemon can be
found at

It seems as if the default behavior of the python-daemon package is
not sufficient for snappy.  What else needs to happen?

Regards, Mike

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