explicit priming

Sergio Schvezov sergio.schvezov at canonical.com
Sat Apr 1 11:45:47 UTC 2017

On Apr 1, 2017 3:51 AM, "Spencer Parkin" <spencertparkin at gmail.com> wrote:


My snapcraft.yaml file...


...as you can see, has a new "prime:" section in it.  This wasn't needed in
all my earlier snappings, but to finally get my program snapping correctly
again, I've had to explicitly add some things in there.  I suppose that
snapcraft may not be detecting the "libmir*.so*" files as dependencies.  Is
this a bug in snapcraft?  Why did I need to explicitly add my executable
files and my "Data" directory?  Are these no longer automatically added if
you start to explicitly prime things?

If you curso only added that bin entry you essentially created a whitelist
so all entries would need to be added.

Thanks.  Clearly I'm an novice snap crafter.

BTW, how is the snap/snapcraft project coming along?  Is it doing well,
poor?  Is it catching on?  Is it the ultimate in package technology!?

I cannot answer this question without looking biased 😇

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