Provisional snap for DUB (D language package/build manager)

Sergio Schvezov sergio.schvezov at
Sat Oct 29 14:54:56 UTC 2016

El 27/10/16 a las 05:27, Didier Roche escribió:
> Just a note: after a quick double checking , the snapcraft go plugin
> relies on ubuntu packages (I think it should rather download latest
> stable go and use GOROOT to use it). This isn't the case for other
> plugins like nodejs which was the one I had in mind and I still think
> you should prefer that road.

It used to be the other way around, this is going to be solved with a 
combination of:

- using upstream go releases when on the supported arch
- enable cross compilation for go (when no cgo is used initially)
- allow parts to 'provide' things for plugins (this solves much more 
than just the go story, but would also make the ros, python, java, 
maven, ant and other stories much nicer).

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