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Aaron Ogle aaron.ogle at rocket.chat
Fri Oct 21 13:37:57 UTC 2016


Like I said its only happened to a few people, never had it personally.
One upgraded to 16.10 and it went away(got impatient 😀 I think).  Is there
some piece of information I could get from them that might assist in the
reproduction of the issue?

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016, 04:19 Didier Roche <didrocks at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Le 20/10/2016 à 17:36, Aaron Ogle a écrit :
> Hey guys,
> Hey Aaron,
> With our Rocket.Chat server snap. We've had several cases now where users
> come to us trying to figure out why it hasn't started yet after installing.
> Our snap:
> https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/blob/develop/.snapcraft/stable/snapcraft.yaml
> rocketchat-mongo:
> command: env LC_ALL=C mongod --smallfiles --dbpath=$SNAP_COMMON
> This is correct, and the generated wrapper (just checked, downloaded it
> from the store) is doing:
> exec "env" LC_ALL=C mongod --smallfiles --dbpath=$SNAP_COMMON "$@"
> After explaining to them how to get logs, it will say our mongo install is
> missing the dbpath.
> The exact error they are getting:
> Error parsing command line: the argument for option '--dbpath' should
> follow immediately after the equal sign
> This seems like for some reason SNAP_COMMON isn't getting set.
> I've confirmed that they are using version 2.15 of snap / snapd.
> I also asked them to drop into the snap: sudo snap run --shell
> rocketchat-server
> Then do an: env to see if SNAP_COMMON is even set. From there it does seem
> to be set.
> Is it the case as well for you? I just tried this and:
> didrocks at tidus:~$ sudo snap run --shell rocketchat-server
> root at tidus:/home/didrocks# env | grep SNAP_COMMON
> SNAP_COMMON=/var/snap/rocketchat-server/common
> So, it's set for me, CCing Zyga who might have an idea if there are some
> cases where snap-confine doesn't set those variables…
> Cheers,
> Didier
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