Confined Docker snap available

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Tue Oct 18 11:48:14 UTC 2016


Docker is since some days available as a properly confined snap. This will
work on top of classic Ubuntu 16.04+ or on top of an up-to-date Ubuntu Core
series 16.

Because the docker.sock path is hardcoded in a lot of images, this snap
conflicts with docker debs, so make sure you remove them first:
sudo apt purge docker docker-engine

Create a system group for docker:
sudo groupadd --system docker

Install the snap:
sudo snap install docker

And connect the interfaces (these will go away we have a snap-declaration
in place):
sudo snap connect docker:docker-cli docker:docker-daemon
sudo snap connect docker:firewall-control ubuntu-core:firewall-control
sudo snap connect docker:support ubuntu-core:docker-support
sudo service snap.docker.dockerd stop
sudo service snap.docker.dockerd start

You're now ready to use docker, e.g.:
sudo /snap/bin/docker run --rm -it hello-world
sudo /snap/bin/docker run --rm -it ubuntu

At the moment, the Docker snap is available for amd64, armhf, arm64, i386.

Docker-compose is also included, and may be used with the "docker.compose"

Want to read more about docker? Read the Docker snap status and FAQ doc

Have fun and please report issues against

- Loïc Minier
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