Official snap button

Didier Roche didrocks at
Fri Oct 14 05:57:16 UTC 2016

Le 13/10/2016 à 19:12, Aaron Ogle a écrit :
> Greetings!
Hey Aaron,

> I work on the Rocket.Chat project.  We are looking at adding our
> desktop snap as well as our server snap to our website as the
> officially recommended way of installing.
> Ideally for the desktop at least we'd like to try and link to the
> Ubuntu Software store directly so they can install quickly.  But for
> the server I realize doing an application link is not very likely,
> especially since they likely wouldn't be visiting on the machine they
> would install the server on.  So we're thinking a button with some
> kind of information pop up.
> But we'd really love to see an officially button and design for this
> sort of thing.

I'm adding Thibaut who talked with the design team about some official
logos some times ago.

Indeed, as you are telling, there are 2 use-case:
- link (like the one we had in apt) for installing snaps via Ubuntu
Software using an particular schema (snap:///<snap_name>). Robert, is
there any plan on that?
- logo with instructions "snap install" for servers for
local installation (unsure if there is something planned like,
redirectering to the online store and manage your snap per device there)


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