Didier Roche didrocks at
Mon Oct 10 06:09:31 UTC 2016

Le 10/10/2016 à 01:39, Spencer a écrit :
> I made a comment earlier that newly installed snaps don't show up in the dash.  I see now that I was using the wrong term.  They do show up in the dash, but is there a way to have them show up in the launcher?  Of course, the user can add and remove launcher items, but I've noticed that other package systems add to the launcher automatically after an install.  Is this configurable?  I suppose it doesn't matter as long as snaps are installed only from the command line anyway.
We had this feature in the past with ubuntu-software-center.  I guess
doing the replacement, ubuntu software didn't grow that feature for
snap, maybe Robert can help here?
> Also, for anyone that had trouble, like me, with the desktop icon, I've learned that you want to put an absolute path in your .desktop file for the icon that points to /snap/app/current/meta/setup/gui/icon.png.  That worked for me.  Of course, my icon sucks, because I can't draw.

You should actually use Icon=${SNAP}/meta/gui/icon.svg in your desktop
file for instance. That will be replaced with the correct path once your
snap is installed (and will still work if we decide one day to change
the /snap path)


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