Snap Format Technical Oversight Board

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Tue Oct 4 17:43:23 UTC 2016

The snap format is a compressed filesystem with a single metadata file
describing the security profile and desired integration of the snap.
That format is shared by everyone in the snap community, regardless of
their choice of store, authentication systems, licensing or host Linux

In order to reflect the widespread and diverse interests at play,
Canonical will cede final decisions and control over the format itself
to a Technical Oversight Board that represents a range of communities
and companies.

The snap format is driven by code landing in the upstream snapcore
repositories, subject to public code reviews.

The Snap Format Technical Oversight Board is independent, with no
single company having a majority say, and it has the ability to
prevent any change in the format or standard interfaces which all
implementations are expected to support. In this way, we can be
confident that different groups implementing the specification will
have the ability to influence it as needed.

* Matthias Klummp - Appstream
* Timothy Redaelli - Arch
* Luke Faraone - Debian
* Cody Garver- Elementary
 * Harald Sitter - KDE
* Aleix Pol- KDE
* Gustavo Niemeyer - Ubuntu
* Michael Vogt - Ubuntu
* Jean-Baptiste Kempf - VLC
* Neal Gompa - Fedora

The committers to the snapcore repositories agree that this group
supervises the evolution of the format, and that members of the TOB
will be able to reject changes by majority vote, even after they have
landed in the snapcore repositories, which have not yet been released
for stable snaps to consume. While the snap implementation in snapcore
is free software and can be forked, our goal is to evolve the format
consensually across the communities represented here, as well as any
other major free software communities that enable snaps by default.

The board can be reached at oversight-board at for
discussions related to their supervisory role. We would like to thank
this group for agreeing to serve in this capacity during the founding
period of the snap format.

Ubuntu Core Engineering Manager

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