Python2 plugin deprecated, but new plugin not documented?

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El 03/10/16 a las 23:59, Marco Ceppi escribió:
> On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 9:41 PM Sergio Schvezov 
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> wrote:
>     El 03/10/16 a las 21:17, Marco Ceppi escribió:
>>     On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 6:51 PM Sergio Schvezov
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>>         El 03/10/16 a las 16:47, Marco Ceppi escribió:
>>         > Hi Sergio,
>>         >
>>         > Sorry, replication instructions are as follows:
>>         >
>>         > export JUJU_REPOSITORY=$(mktemp -dp $HOME)
>>         > cd $JUJU_REPOSITORY
>>         > charm pull-source ~marcoceppi/charm-svg .
>>         >
>>         > This will trigger the error. Anytime the code path needs to
>>         interact
>>         > with launchpadlib it fails. If you pull the stable channel
>>         from the
>>         > store you'll see it succeeds.
>>         Did this ever work?
>>         dpkg -S /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/lazr/
>>     It did (and does work) before I updated snapcraft.
>>         Tells me it is not owned by any package so very unlikely that a
>>         `stage-packages entry would of brought it in. I am interested!
>>         For what it's worth, Kyle had the same issue and we just went
>>         to pypi
>>         for this, if you prefer going down this path just add this to
>>         the python
>>         part in there:
>>         python-packages: [launchpadlib, simplejson]
>>     Launchpadlib is already a dependency in the software project, I
>>     shouldn't need to declare it again in the snapcraft?
>     No you don't ;-) You want to set `requirements: requirements.txt`
>     If you want it automatically installed use install_requires
>     (
> In my projects I declare the install_requires, why aren't 
> these being included during snap generation?

Ok this at least provides an explanation for me, long story short, you 
can remove python-launchpadlib from `stage-packages`, but 
lazr.restfulclient is missing a dependency on simplejson in 
install_requires so you can add that to yours temporarily until the dep 
is added there.

By using launchpadlib as a stage package here is why you got it:

    Depends: python-httplib2 (>= 0.4.0), python-keyring (>= 0.5),
    python-lazr.restfulclient (>= 0.11.2),
    python-lazr.uri (>= 1.0.2-4~), python-oauth, python-simplejson,
    python-wadllib, python:any (<< 2.8),
    python:any (>= 2.7.5-5~)

You can still use the launchpadlib as a stage-packages entry if you want 
but you will need to `touch` where it is missing (I will 
discuss further with Barry to see if there is a clean way we can do this 
automatically with no side effects).

And last but not least, here is the reason it worked; the previous 
version of the python plugins put dist-packages and site-packages all in 
the same bag, installed the stage-package and then ignored what was 
already there and installed what was in your install_requires; so on the 
first run you'd get an incomplete lazr package but you would get 
simplejson and on the second run you'd install over. The new plugin is 
much more respectful about this.

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