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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Nov 30 20:03:50 UTC 2016

On 30/11/16 12:15, Shuduo Sang wrote:
> Please use GM image
> from
>     It boots and I go to ssh into the raspberrypi. I can get to the
>     login prompt but do not know the default username or password.
>     Ubuntu / Ubuntu is given in many guides but doesn’t seem to work.

Hi David

Given the vulnerability of a default username / password, we moved to
having account creation done on first boot in newer versions of the
system. We assume there is some online account verification system (the
reference implementation uses but it would be plausible
to tie into any existing online authentication system). On first boot,
folks who can connect to the console of the device (or potentially who
have other privileged access) can trigger the creation of accounts for
themselves. Those use things like SSH credentials for access.

The net effect is that we solve one of the big problems in IoT, which
was at the heart of the recent Dyn attack.

Try the images that Shuduo pointed to, I think you'll like the new
system. If you really want a default user / password that can be setup
too, but we would consider it good practice to avoid those.

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