Using Launchpad to build snaps

Claudio André at
Wed Nov 30 16:19:42 UTC 2016

Em 30/11/2016 00:49, Evan Dandrea escreveu:
> Can you elaborate on what you mean by "a regular user cannot use 
> Launchpad to build snap packages"?

If you mean "what exactly is failing": [1] and [2]. But, please, this is 
not a support request. It more likely, hey lets look at snapcraft.yaml: 
it is an invitation to think different, to try new limits and LP is 
acting like a scared kitten.

> Out of curiosity, did you use these instructions 
> (

Yes, no reasons to reinvent the wheel.

[1] Internet access ('reported' as a LP question)
[2] store integration (idem)

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