Weechat Snap under way

Charles Butler chuck at dasroot.net
Sat Nov 19 00:30:46 UTC 2016


As a "scratch my own itch" I wanted to build a snap for weechat. To the
uninformed, weechat is a bare-bones chat client framework that is very
extensible through an exhaustive set of plugins.

I've gotten the core weechat app snapped/compiled. I'm presently stuck on
the plugin portion of the snap. The .so files are built, so i would think
all the plugins are there and ready but that doesn't appear to be the case


The work here is mostly undocumented at this point. But if anyone has
experience in building weechat, complex configurations, or is interested in
lending a hand here to resolve the missing plugins (its missing the irc
plugin, so its not even useful at this point) I'm all ears on what needs
adjusting in the snapcraft.yaml to support this out of the box.

Thanks and all the best,

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