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Leo Arias leo.arias at canonical.com
Wed Nov 23 16:51:17 UTC 2016


I know a bunch of people here use quassel. There's a new snap for you:

$ sudo snap install quassel-webserver --edge
$ sensible-browser https://localhost:64443

The main developer, Joël Charles, has been amazing. For a couple of weeks
we have been experimenting with his project. First, we had to solve an
issue with the less-middleware module because it wanted to use the install
directory instead of SNAP_DATA [1], then we got travis to build the snap on
every PR [2], and finally he agreed to beta test the new enable-ci command
of snapcraft that Celso is working on.

When I asked about feedback or feature requests, he said: "Not that I think
of, it just went very smoothly" :_)

Of course, a few seconds later travis broke and we found a bug in Celso's
PR, just to keep us grounded. It was a quick fix, and now every change on
master will build and push the snap to edge [3].

I really want to thank Joël because we now have a set of scripts tested in
real live, that we can just apply to new projects. Also Celso because
without the enable-ci command, this would never have been a smooth

So, give it a try and help the dev getting it to stable. From now on, every
fix will find its way to your machine within a day. How cool is that?

pura vida.

[1] https://github.com/magne4000/quassel-webserver/blob/master/app.js#L120
¡paz y baile!
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