Snaps to invoke external processes

Didier Roche didrocks at
Mon Nov 21 07:08:47 UTC 2016

Le 21/11/2016 à 04:26, Spencer a écrit :
> It's been a few weeks now, but last I heard, the snapcraft team was or did a sprint to address current limitations snaps have regarding the invocation of external processes.  Specifically, it would be nice to launch the user's default browser with a URL, or let a snap invoke another instance of itself.  What's the status on this?
Hey Spencer,

Default browser should works for some months already if your application
(or toolkit, like Qt does) invoke the xdg-open to open the url. This is
then transmitted via dbus to an external process on your classic system
which then issues the real xdg-open command.
For the others, there are been indeed multiple discussions on this at
multiple places (here, on the bug report…), but no action or firm
decision. I'm CCing Gustavo as he was the one against a more generic
intermediate solutions.


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