Brainstorming KPIs

Sergio Cazzolato sergio.cazzolato at
Thu Nov 17 12:17:44 UTC 2016


We were working on a set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) mainly
focused on the phones, and now we are working defining new ones for all the
changes that are coming on.

The first step was to work within the KPI and QA teams to define a set

Now I would like to hear from you which KPIs you think that would be useful
to use/reuse for snappy, and which new ones we could include.

The KPIs that already exist are:
  . Reboot time
  . Web browser metrics
     . memory and cpu used scrolling webpages
     . droameo metrics executing javascript suite
  . App launch time
  . Idle cpu time for unity8

KPIs already proposed:
  . Boot time
  . unity8 QML metrics dragging a window when many windows are opened
  . Launch time of multiple apps
  . UI/Graphics latency
  . Network: bandwidth, latency, packet loss, concurrent users
  . Snapweb integration
  . Other webbrowser metrics

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