Multiple SSH (login) accounts

XiaoGuo Liu xiaoguo.liu at
Thu Nov 17 03:29:11 UTC 2016

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your solution. I just tried it and it worked. We are going to
have a hackathon event, and we will distribute some devices to the
developers. I have installed the image well. Without your solution, all of
the developers will have to be reflashed to set it up.

I just found that "create-user" is so far not supported on Raspberry Pi2.
At the mean time, I did not find "adduser" command. On Raspberry pi 3,
--force-managed option is not recognized.

I have use the command:

$ sudo snap create-user --sudoer launchpad_email_address

Based on your solution, I have created a blog article at Hopefully, it
will benefit the rest of the developers

Thanks & best regards,

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 2:40 AM, Michael Hudson-Doyle <
michael.hudson at> wrote:

> On 17 November 2016 at 07:30, Jacques Supcik <jacques at> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> During the installation of ubuntu core, we have to give an e-mail address
>> to link the device with an Ubuntu account. It is possible to then add
>> additional accounts to the device (e.g. to allow multiple sysadmins to
>> manage a device) ?
>> I tried a "sudo snap create-user", but the (undocumented) command returns
>> "cannot create user: device already managed". (So this is probably why the
>> command is not documented 😊)
> I think you can use sudo snap create-user --sudoer --force-managed. But
> you can also use adduser --extrausers.
> Cheers,
> mwh
> Thank you in advance for your reply.
>> Best regards,
>> █  Jacques
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XiaoGuo, Liu
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