Nand flash booting.

Didier Roche didrocks at
Mon Nov 14 08:07:39 UTC 2016

Le 14/11/2016 à 02:21, Daniel Toussaint a écrit :
> I am working on a board similar to Beaglebone Black, however instead
> of SD/eMMC it is booting from NAND flash directly. As far as I can see
> in the documentation there is no way yet to boot a Snappy image in
> this fashion, is support for this planned ? Is there anything I can do
> to help out with that ?
> Meanwhile, I am considering using the Yocto version of snapcraft to
> package the apps, so that we can later migrate to from the current
> Yocto image to Snappy. 
> Thanks for your comments.

Oliver (our Bleaglebone Black specialist and image author) should be
able to give some schedule if such feature is planned.

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