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> El 07/11/16 a las 10:12, Didier Roche escribió:
> How could I found the PYTHON_PATH from the parts ? I found that's not
> possible to download wxPython from PyPI so I can't use python-packages
> either. So I suppose that I need a Makefile, where I can specify the
> PYTHON_PATH. What do you think ? What can I specify as path ?
> Let's see what Sergio tells (if this is supposed to be supported or not)
> as he did rewrite recently the python plugin. If not, you can create your
> own plugin inheriting from the python one, and exporting PYTHON_PATH to
> what you need (there are some examples in the playpen for this).
> The new plugin does NOT set PYTHONPATH, instead it sets PYTHONHOME and
> PYTHONUSERBASE. It has been specifically made to work with pypi and the
> latest trendy upstreams. There are ways to use alternate sources than pypi
> by just using the standard pip semantics for a required package.
> If none of this is good, then you should look into writing your own plugin.

 It seems that the pip install command is very particular for
wxPython_Phoenix (which is the name registred in PyPI repo):

   sudo pip install --upgrade --trusted-host --pre -f wxPython_Phoenix

So I really think that I will have to write my own plugin indeed.

I begin to look at the Playpen example, but as a non-dev, I have some
difficulties to undersand very quickly without explanation ^^ So I will not
talk about GUI for youtube-dl in my workshop tomorrow (slides in french are
, but still interested in understanding and create a snapcraft.yaml for
youtube-dl-gui project.


Let's talk about that next week at OSS if you have some times. I'll take
some examples with me and maybe with your explanation it will be more
easily to understand

> Cheers
> Sergio

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