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Renato Filho renato.filho at
Fri Nov 11 19:27:27 UTC 2016

2016-11-11 15:45 GMT-03:00 Marco Trevisan <marco.trevisan at>:
> Il 11/11/2016 15:46, Timo Jyrinki ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> I hinted at this earlier but 'ubuntu-app-platform' (name bikeshedded a
>> few times) is now there offering a huge amount of libraries via
>> content interface. We're using it for some builds of for example
>> Calculator, Calendar and other apps, dropping the size of those from
>> 50+MB to even under 1MB.
> Great stuff!
> Although it seems I've some troubles since I can't connect the gallery
> properly:
> $ sudo snap connect uitk-gallery:platform ubuntu-app-platform:platform
> $ uitk-gallery
> You need to connect the ubuntu-app-platform package with your application to
> reuse shared assets, please run:
> snap install ubuntu-app-platform
> snap connect uitk-gallery:platform ubuntu-app-platform:platform
> I guess it would be nice to have a similar content interface for all the
> desktop-launchers we support so far.


This is happening with me too.
Probably this is a snap bug. The solution for that is to remove the
app and install it again and make sure to connect the interface before
to run the app for the first time.

I am having this problem in two situations:

1 - If I run the app that uses the content share before connect it,
the connection command does not mount the directories anymore (I need
to remove and install the app again, and connect the interface before
run the app for the first time)

2 - If I install a new version of the app the content share directory
does not get mounted and I need to use the same solution as number 1
You can face this problem in t

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