Shared content example - ubuntu-app-platform

Marco Trevisan marco.trevisan at
Fri Nov 11 18:45:02 UTC 2016

Il 11/11/2016 15:46, Timo Jyrinki ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I hinted at this earlier but 'ubuntu-app-platform' (name bikeshedded a
> few times) is now there offering a huge amount of libraries via
> content interface. We're using it for some builds of for example
> Calculator, Calendar and other apps, dropping the size of those from
> 50+MB to even under 1MB.

Great stuff!

Although it seems I've some troubles since I can't connect the gallery 

$ sudo snap connect uitk-gallery:platform ubuntu-app-platform:platform
$ uitk-gallery
You need to connect the ubuntu-app-platform package with your 
application to reuse shared assets, please run:
snap install ubuntu-app-platform
snap connect uitk-gallery:platform ubuntu-app-platform:platform

I guess it would be nice to have a similar content interface for all the 
desktop-launchers we support so far.

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