Snap hangs when accessing a special /dev/file (/dev/vcio) [ubuntu-core 16 / RaspberryPi2]

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Mon Nov 7 11:17:17 UTC 2016

Am Montag, den 07.11.2016, 11:23 +0100 schrieb Didier Roche:
> Ah nice, I didn't find any documentation on it nor in the official
> doc
> (which was imported from the snapd repo before its removal) or in
> Any plan on
> documenting it?
> Is there a bug report for ogra to enable it in the official gadget
> snaps
> for Pi 2/3?
we only briefly had a hallway discussion about this at the sprint,
happy to enable it in the gadget.

but please note that a mailbox device (while using GPIO) gets quite
some control over internal CPU processes, i think this needs additional
securing over a plain GPIO interface ...

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