Should Syncloud migrate to snappy?

Boris Rybalkin ribalkin at
Thu Nov 3 22:25:16 UTC 2016


I am developing Syncloud ( and our goal is to have an app
store of popular services (file storage, social network, mail, messaging
...). We prepare images for a set of popular single board computers.
Images a simply minimal debian + board specific kernels (taken from images
provided by vendors).

Currently we package self contained server apps (using systemd) as simple
archives and have a tool to install/upgrade/remove them.

Another key component is app store UI which runs on a device and simplifies
app installation with the intention that a non technical person can use it
the same way he or she uses iPhone App Store.

My question is: do you think it is worth considering ubuntu core and its
snap mechanism as a platform for our solution?
More specific questions:

1. Can we continue to regular board kernels as is or we need to have custom
builds for snap mode?
2. Can we use our own snap store location (lets say we have converted our
archives to snaps)?
3. Can we use systemd?
4. As it sounds a lot of work and we do not really have resources, should
we start just by taking snapd and add support for syncloud packages (store
format, install location, app format, hooks)?

Thank you,
Boris Rybalkin
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