Snappy Playpen event next Tuesday

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Jun 30 15:34:55 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

Next week on Tuesday, 5th July, we want to have our next Snappy Playpen
event. As always we are going to work together on snapping software for
our repository [1] on github. Whatever app, service or piece of software
you bring is welcome.

The focus of last week was ironing out issues and documenting what we
currently have. Some outcomes of this were:

 - documentation of some of our best practices [2], adding a FAQ [3]
 - a list of known issues [4]
 - consolidation in terms of using common parts (launchers, etc.)
 - some general cleanup

We want to continue this work, but add a new side to this: upstreaming
our work. It is great that we get snaps working, but it is much better
if the upstream project in question can take over the ownership of snaps
themselves. Having snapcraft.yaml in their source tree will make this a
lot easier. To kick off this work, we started some documentation on how
to best do that and track this effort [5].

You are all welcome to the event and we look forward to work together
with you. Coordination is happening on #snappy on Freenode (IRC) and (Gitter). We will make sure all
our experts are around to help you if you have questions.

  WHAT: Snappy Playpen event
  WHEN: 5th July 2016
  WHERE: #snappy on Freenode or


Have a great day,

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