Please give me recommendations.

Didier Roche didrocks at
Wed Jun 29 09:36:39 UTC 2016

Le 29/06/2016 10:57, Vasilisc a écrit :
> Please give me recommendations.
> I packed gtk3 app. In snapcraft.xml
> -- 
> parts:
>  db:
>   plugin: autotools
>   source: deadbeef-0.7.2
>   configflags:
>    - --prefix=/usr
> -- 
> The application tries to get access to the files.
> /usr/share/NAMEAPP/pixmaps
> /usr/share/locale/CODE_COUNTRY/LC_MESSAGES/
> but the real path will be
> /snap/NAMEAPP/REVISION/usr/share/NAMEAPP/pixmaps
> If app uses absolute path, I have trouble.
> How to do right thing?

You need to use some wrappers that help you redirect some of those calls
to your snaps or HOME directory.

Some options is to use a new shiny consolidated gtk3 cloud part!

- prepend your apps: command with "gtk-launch <your app command>
- ensure that you add to it at least the [unity7, x11] plugs, (you may
want gsettings and home plugs as well)
- add to your part definition:
   after: [desktop.gtk3]

Think about running "snapcraft update" if you have snapcraft 2.12 before
running snapcraft.
Note that the locale (transations) is still something that we need to
figure out depending on the used technology.


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