Snap! Community weekly update: W25

David Callé david.calle at
Fri Jun 24 14:41:27 UTC 2016

Here is an update on the highlights in the snap community this
week. Make sure you follow the new Snapcraft social channels (twitter
<>) for daily updates.

## Snaps

After the third Snappy Playpen
on tuesday, it’s time to take a step back and see what we have
accomplished so far as a community. We have reached 30 examples in the
playpen: command-line and GUI apps, using GTK, Qt, written in Python,
Go, Perl, built with cmake, autotools, etc. The events, that were
originally planned as weekly hack days, now stay active all the time,
with 60 people on the gitter chat
<>and 29 members who have
contributed to the github repo <>.

We have decided to open the wiki and started on:

  * Documenting best practices
  * Fleshing out a snapcraft template
    new contributions
  * Having a dedicated page
    <>to keep track of the
    general progress

We are also working on documenting best practices for syntax and
snapcraft.yaml organization, findings of the community are applied
progressively to all examples.

Therefore, if you are looking for guidance to snap an app, there is
probably already an example covering your custom build / launcher / env
variables use case and someone knowledgeable about it. The easiest way
to get in touch is to come to the gitter chat

## Community highlights

  * Let’s have a big shout-out to Andy Keech for keeping a watchful eye
    on most of the snaps in the Playpen and applying guidelines and best
    practices to a lot of them, making him the top committer on the project!

  * The renowned Arch Wiki now has a Snapd page
    <>. Thanks to the russian
    and japanese translators who have started localizing it.
  * And last but not least, LimeSDR, the snappy based software-defined
    radio platform has reached its crowdfunding goal

## Reading list

  * Installing Nextcloud can be a snap
    kyrofa, a series of blog posts detailing the creation of the
    Nextcloud snap
  * Snapd 2.0.9: full snap confinement on Elementary 0.4
    the devportal blog
  * Leveling up snapd integration tests
    by niemeyer
  * Making your first contribution to snapd
    by zyga


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