version of YAML being used in snapcraft.yaml?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sat Jun 18 17:53:48 UTC 2016

On 18/06/16 17:32, Bill Janssen wrote:
> No, just trying to pin down details.  I realize things are still in
> quite a bit of flux, but is there a written specification of this whole
> system somewhere?  A design?  Other than the code?

Most of what's written describes the whole behavior of an all-snap
system. That comes from the origin of snaps inside Ubuntu Core. Now
snaps as a standalone idea are spreading, I think the most useful thing
we could create for developers is a detailed description of a single
snap and the behavior of it. Snapcraft teaches you that indirectly, but
I think a direct documentation of the snap is what's called for.


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