Snap! Community weekly update: W24

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Sat Jun 18 13:05:32 UTC 2016

Here is an update on the highlights in the snap community this week:

We’ll start with a big shout out to everyone who has contributed to
enable snapd on other distros: your support is amazing and whatever your
distro of choice, company and areas of interest are, we’ll try to
provide the resources for you to make the most of this effort. Thanks as
well to everyone involved in building <>.

## Snaps
This week we ran another Snappy Playpen
which was as exciting and busy as the first! We landed several new snaps

- Tyrant Unleashed Optimizer
- mpv
- Imagemagick6-stable
- Keepassx
- Consul
- Dcos-cli
- Deis workflow

And a lot of them are in progress:

- Fritzing
- Gimp
- Imagemagick7
- Sylpheed
- Pidgin
- TeXworks
- MATE Desktop

Thanks to all participants for this amazing feeling of working together,
we are all learning a lot! If you are the upstream of one of the playpen
snaps, get in touch on this list or on IRC #snappy, we’d love to hear
your feedback and get you in the loop.

You can find all the details of the event in the Playpen summary blog
<> by
Daniel Holbach.

## Community highlights

For this week’s highlights, we’d like to focus on a big piece of ongoing
work in KDE. This link <> is probably
the best way to show off what they are accomplishing, with no less than
18 KDE/Neon apps snapped or in progress, such as:

- Digikam
- Kate
- Kdevelop
- Kgpg

Their READMEs are hinting at their status, so, do give them a try (clone
repo, cd, snapcraft, snap install *.snap) and provide feedback.

Furthermore David Edmundson has patched parts of KDE frameworks so that
that KIO will work from inside of a snap.

## Documentation

- Preparation of a ”docs blitz
with a list of tagged bugs
- Launched a snap FAQ based on top Ask Ubuntu questions
- We have also started a roll of blog posts on snapd and snapcraft to
keep you updated on the focus points of each release, keep an eye on <> for more

David for the Community team
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