Didier Roche didrocks at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 17 06:20:10 UTC 2016

Le 17/06/2016 08:00, Alekseenko Vasilii a écrit :

> What is the correct way to modify the file
> prime/command-program.wrapper ?
> I need to add their own variables and modify existing ones.
Hey Alekseenko,

For now, so that you can snapcraft clean, build and so on again, you
need to create another wrapper into your directory that you point from
the "command:" stenza. This one can use the variables that
prime/command-program.wrapper exports (it will be actually call by this
one), so only file the delta of missing variables for you.

In the near future, it's planned that snapcraft enable you to declare
your own environment variables you want to add directly in
snapcraft.yaml, which is going to remove this wrapper need.


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