snapping a set of python2 scripts from launchpad

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Thu Jun 16 08:19:41 UTC 2016

Le 15/06/2016 20:09, John Agosta a écrit :
> Hi:

Hey John!

Happy to help you there ;)
> I suspect this should be strait forward, but have been fumbling with
> this ... I have a set of python2 scripts sitting in a
> bzr branch that I am trying to snap up using snapcraft. These are
> essentially just a set of files (scripts) that have never been placed
> into any formal packaging structure.
> I can correctly build the python part using the structure:
> parts:
>     lptools:
>         plugin: python2
>         source: lp:~jagosta/my-program/lp_tools
> Where I am stuck is with defining the apps:, thus creating the
> commands that I would like to be placed into the bin/ directory of the
> snap.

Do you really need to have those scripts placed into the bin/ directory?
apps: can define a command: directory, and you expose every entry point
you want your user to get access to (see
Some examples of applications exposing multiple entry point is one of
the application from the tour (I encourage you to have a
look here!):, in particular this section
should give you your needed answers: "02-parts: Snapcraft makes snaps
out of parts".

|apps: hello: command: hello bash: command: bash |

See that the 2 commands aren't in any particular directory, command just
refers to a path to your executable, relative to the root of your snap.

Hope this helps!


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