Second all-day Snappy Playpen event

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Jun 10 10:06:04 UTC 2016

Hello hello,

In our first Snappy Playpen event last Tuesday we simply wanted to bring
people together, invite them to get to know the team, get started
together and see how things go. It went great, check out the report [1]!

Next week, on Tuesday, 14th June, we want to meet up and snap software
together again. Obviously you can join the playpen gitter channel [2] or
#snappy on Freenode [3] (or contribute to Snappy Playpen [4]) at any
time, but on Tuesday we want to get everyone together and make another
push to get good stuff landed together.

This time we want to especially extend the invitation to all upstreams
who are interested in getting their software snapped. If you are
interested and need help, join us and we will figure out things
together. If you still need to be convinced, here are a few reasons why
this might make sense for your project:

 - Just run snapcraft upload to upload a snap to the store. (Maybe
   even hook it up with your CI?)
 - No lengthy review process. Publication within seconds.
 - Use different channels (stable, beta, edge) to ship different
   versions of your software to different audiences.
 - Build instructions in snapcraft.yaml are very simple, all nice
   and declarative.
 - Millions of Ubuntu 16.04 users can easily install your
   software through the software center.

We would also like to invite all Ubuntu flavours to participate. If you
want to play around with snaps, we will help you get started.

    WHAT: Snappy playpen [4] sprint
    WHEN: Tuesday, 14th June 2016 all day
    WHERE: Join us on gitter [2] or IRC [3]


Have a great day,

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