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> Sorry for my english.
> ----------------
> 1) snap packages classified in Ubuntu Store like deb (Main, Restricted, 
> Universe, Multiverse)?

It is all one big bucket.

> 2) May I compile app and send in Ubuntu Store without open source?

Yes, the software licenses of the software you use may require you to share 
the source as determined in those licenses.

> 3) Application in snap package requested "Network Interfaces". Maybe app 
> later fetch evil-library from evil-host?

True, but you the evilness would be confined to that snap. To be fair, 
nothing prevents bundling evil-library in evil-snap from the start.

> 4) Where guarantee what author packed application rather than evil-man 
> packed with backdoor?

> 5) Evidently, Snap packages are all-sufficient. Average snap should be 
> bigger than average deb. Why Krita in snap package ~100 мб, but Krita in 
> deb package with their dependency ~500 mb?

It could be related to fine tuning of the libraries used. The packages in 
the Ubuntu archive have almost everything turned on.

> 6) What is analogous to command "apt-get autoclean" ? Who clears folder 
> /var/lib/snapd/snaps/ ?

snapd, it garbage collects.

> 7) Sqiud snap package now available. When LAMP/LEMP turn is?

When someone gets to it 😌

> 8) I don't need older version application. How I may remove older revision?

It would be garbage collected by the system.

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