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Tue Jun 7 01:51:20 UTC 2016

I have read the thread which you mentioned last week,  the uEnv.txt  file has been converted to the uboot.env by the tool mkenvimage before creating the gadget snap.
Finally, the snappy 16 image has been made successfully by the ubuntu-device-flash, but there is a problem which the uboot can't load the kernel initrd dtbs when the system started.
Do you have any better suggestions ? Thanks.

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From: Oliver Grawert
Date: 2016-06-06 22:12
To: snapcraft
Subject: Re: Re: snappy: Command not found
Am Montag, den 06.06.2016, 19:02 +0800 schrieb peter.chen at
> Hi, Woodrow
> I fork you project at bef
> ore, and i have made snappy 16  image based on the kernel snap and
> gadget snap refer to the Hikey, However, the system can not work. and
> stay in the uboot stage, as follows:
> The environment file of the uboot uEnv.txt is same as your project
> which located at
> ter/builder/gadget/boot-assets .
> I kown you had updated your project a few days ago, could the snappy
> 16 work on the roseapple-pi ? 
> Why need to burn the boot_fix.bin to the snappy image by using the
> makefile object fix-bootflag? 
the uEnv.txt wont be respected or used by ubuntu-device-flash and
when the image is assembled ubuntu-device-flash injects the proper
paths (for kernel, initrd.img and dtbs) into uboot.env, you need to
make your uboot use an env file instead of a txt file ...
please see the thread "ubuntu-device-flash errors for building armhf
image" on this mailing list where i walk woodrow through the process to
create a proper uboot.env
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